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Rolanda Dzedulioniene

  • Rolanda Dzedulioniene

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    I obtained the qualification of physician odontologist after graduation from Kaunas Medicine Academy in 1990. I continuously take part in theoretical and practical trainings as well as courses of aesthetic odontology and modern orthodontology, international conferences of physicians odontologists.

    I carry out endodontic procedures, whitening of darkened teeth and aesthetic restoration. I also perform restoration of worn out or broken teeth with composites, correction of occlusion height and teeth alignment through aesthetic restoration and orthodontic treatment. The main attention in my activities I pay to the links of function and aesthetics in restorative odontology applying minimally invasive approach.

    I took part in the TV project “The beauty factory” in 2006–2011, finishing smiles of the project participants.

    My professional trainings:
    • “Successful development and progress of dental practice under current competitive conditions”, Jennifer de St. Georges, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016.
    • Conference organised by “Denticija” “Advanced odontology today”, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.
    • “Multifunctional odontology – an alternative for traditional orthodontic techniques”, lecturer physician orthodontist John Flutter, 2014.
    • “Theoretical and clinical peculiarities of the use of orthodontic mini-implants”, lecturer Thomas Lietz, 2014.
    • International congress to mark the 10th anniversary of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania “From the idea to the achievements”, 2014.
    • “Invasilign® Certification Course”, 2013.
    • “Production of different occlusal splints: from odontologist and diagnostics to dental technician and production”, 2013.
    • “Modern orthodontic treatment and variety of choices. How to schedule your work?” lecturer Dr. Anoop Sondhi, 2012.
    • “Occlusion – in more detail than ever (part 2)” lecturer Doc. Dr. Giedrė Kobs and dental technician, master Stefan Schunke, 2012.
    • “Restoration of worn out teeth using composite fillings and augmenting occlusion height” lecturer Doc. Dr. Giedre Kobs.
    • “Angle class II treatment: from functional devices to ligature free braces”, lecturer Dr. Paolo Manzo, 2012.
    • “A New Concept of Maxillary Inarticulation”, 2012.
    • “Introduction to occlusion (part 1), lecturers Doc. Dr. Giedrė Kobs and dental technician, master Stefan Schunke, 2011.
    • “Composition restorations – State of the Art”, lecturer Wolfgang – M. Boer, 2011.
    • “Application of nano-technologies in aesthetic odontology – review of new materials and principles of their use”, application of physician’s Lorenzo Vanini approach “Methods of Anatomic Stratification of composite materials” in the treatment of patients with worn out teeth, “Comprehensive approach to the treatment of complex patients – analysis of clinical cases”, lecturer general practitioner odontologist Jaroslav Mickevic, 2011.
    • “Indirect aesthetic restoration of fore teeth and molars (composite veneers, liners and coverings). Prosthetic procedures using composites or ceramics? Prosthetic procedures on the implants with composites? Advantages and limitations of different materials, clinical indications.”
    • “Class II treatment”, lecturer Dr. Lisa Alvetro, 2010.
    • “The use orthodontic mini-implants in clinical practice”. Lecturer Dr. Kevin Young, 2010.
    • International Congress of Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania, 2008, 2010, 2011.
    • “Emergency medical care and reanimation”, 2010.
    • “Ergonomics in dentistry”, 2010.
    • “Achievements in aesthetic dentistry”, 2009.
    • “Treatment algorithms allowing to achieve high aesthetic results in fore teeth using composite materials. Restoration of severely damaged teeth after endodontic treatment in aesthetic zone – principles of healthy tissue preservation”, lecturer Dr. Lorenzo Vanini, 2009.
    • “Patient’s safety if dentistry”, 2009.
    • “Treatment of orthodontic anomalies with ligature-free braces: theory, practice and team work”, lecturer Dr. Hans Schrems, 2008.
    • “Treatment of orthodontic anomalies applying devices not requiring patient’s cooperation”, lecturer Dr. Stefano Velo, 2008.
    • “Treatment of orthodontic anomalies applying Twin Block devises”, lecturers Jonathan Sandler and Alison Murray, 2007.
    • “Orthodontics and orthognathic surgery”, 2006.
    • „ENDODONTICS 2006“, 2006.
    • “Tooth positioners. MYOBRACE – designed for teeth alignment in case of mild or moderate tooth crowding“, lecturer physician orthodontist John Flutter, 2005.
    • “Treatment of occlusion anomalies applying Herbs’ device and peculiarities of clinical use of orthodontic implants”, 2005.
    • “Relevant diagnostic and treatment issues of orthodontic anomalies”, 2000.

    I am a member of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania and former member of the Society of Private Odontologists of Lithuania. I have been granted with Licence No. OPL-01384.

    I had my teeth treated in this clinic. I am so grateful for physician Rolanda Dzedulioniene. I arrived with full bag of problems: irregular occlusion, lopsided and broken teeth as well as poor oral hygiene. Now, after one-year treatment with braces I have a nice smile, healthy teeth and ideal occlusion. I still have followed all advices of my doctor, though my treatment was completed 2 years ago. I recommend this clinic for everybody, as physicians working here are very careful and benevolent.

    Ilona, 2015-04-06

    I am writing to express my appreciation for physician Rolanda Dzedulioniene working at your clinic. As I myself and my family have been physician’s Rolanda Dzedulioniene patients for many years, I can state with all responsibility that she is the best odontologist we have ever seen. We are very thankful both for professional treatment and education how to take care and preserve teeth. Physician Rolanda Dzedulioniene has got huge experience, she loves her work so much and is very attentive as well as benevolent. This is why I feel very comfortable in her dentist chair and leave her office literally with a smile. This professional is a value of your clinic; she provides for the patient qualified care; she is doctor you want always to come back, if needed. I would like to say THANK YOU and wish all the best for physician Rolanda Dzedulioniene. Long-term prosperity for "Denticija"!

    G. Ivanauskiene, 2015-07-13