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Jurga Fultinaviciute

  • Jurga Fultinaviciute

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    I have obtained professional qualification of physician odontologist in 2011 after graduating from the Faculty of Odontology of Medicine Institute of Vilnius University. My specialisation is therapeutic dental treatment, aesthetic tooth filling and endodontic treatment of tooth root.

    I strive to complete all jobs up to the smallest details. I am concerned in what I am doing and try to use new devises, technique and approaches. I am accurate. I like to communicate with people, to listen to their problems and to help solving them.

    I have improved my professional qualifications in practical sessions, conferences and congresses:
    • “Treatment approaches in complex endodontic cases and treatment of complications”, Doctor of medical sciences R. Veberiene, physician endodontist L. Andriukaitienė, physician endodontist K. Busauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015.
    • “Direct restoration of the fore teeth: direct composite veneers – two different application techniques”, Dr. J. Smithson, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015.
    • “Posterior Direct Resin Artistry: Simple, Predictable, Easy“, Dr. J. Smithson, London, Great Britain, 2014.
    • “Everyday aesthetic filling of fore teeth. Style italiano concept“, physician P. Kalesinskas, Dr. Z. Sakalauskiene, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2014.
    • “Restoration of worn fore teeth with composites”, Doc. Dr. G. Kobs, 2014.
    • “Everyday aesthetic filling of fore teeth. Style italiano concept“, physician P. Kalesinskas, Dr. Z. Sakalauskiene, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013.
    • “Endodontic treatment – from the entrance forming to tooth restoration”, Dr. Marco Martignoni, Palanga, Lithuania, 2013.
    • “Modern endodontic treatment from A to Z”, Prof. L. Tjaderhane, physician L. Andriukaitienė, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012.
    • “Odontological photos in clinical practice: abc how to take pictures of teeth, smile, portrait with practical session for participants”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012.
    • Practical course on individual treatment applying the fast aesthetic system for adult orthodontic treatment “Six Months Smiles” I. Ivance. Lithuania, 2012.
    • „Postdoctoral course in Six Month Smiles Short Term Orthodontics“, Atlanta, USA, 2012 m.
    • “Introductory learning course on diode lasers. Biolase, Inc. diode lasers for soft tissues. Review and practical application of Ezlase and iLase parameters used during the treatment. Explanations of indications for biostimulating effects of diode lasers.”, Doctor of medical sciences S. Kelbauskienė, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2012.
    • “Practical course of endodontics”, Prof. G. Cantarote. Vilnius, Lithuania, 2011.
    • „Filling in 3D how to choose and Why?“, Dr. W. J. Pertot, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010.
    • Conference “Innovations and topicalities in the odontologist’s practice”, 2011, Palanga, Lithuania.
    • Conference “Endodontics 2010”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010.
    • Conference “Dentsply Maillefer Train the Trainer course”, prof. G. Cantatore, Switzerland, 2010.
    • Conference “Innovations and topicalities in the odontologist’s practice”, 2010, Palanga, Lithuania.
    • „Seeing is believing“ Congress of the European Society of Microscope Dentistry, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012.

    I am a member of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania. I have been granted with Licence No. OPL-03868.

    I would like to thank for accurate and good job resulting in perfect results. This was the first time I faced rather serious dental problem and this excellent physician helped me in solving it. Many THANKS to Jurga Fultinaviciute for her high professionalism, and what is the most important, for her personal intelligence and sincerity. I recommend her for all having problems with dental health or for those who face them in the future (sometimes we cannot fully control such factors). My arguments and opinion for sure reflect accurate and useful work of this excellent physician. I would like to thank Jurga and her assistant.

    Vita P., 2016-10-26

    Sincere thanks to physician odontologist Jurga Fultinaviciute and her assistant for accurate care. Good luck!

    Eugenija Kapucinskaite, 2015-09-02