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Grazina Sleniene

  • Grazina Sleniene

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    I graduated from Kaunas Medicine Institute in 1979 and obtained profession of physician odontologist. My specialisation is therapeutic dentistry, aesthetic tooth filling and primary endodontics services. I have provided aesthetic filling services for more than 17 years. I took part in the TV project “The beauty factory” in 2006, finishing smiles of the project participants.

    I participate in the seminars and courses for odontologists held in Lithuania and internationally. My professional trainings:
    • Conference organised by “Denticija” “Advanced odontology today”, 2014, 2015.
    • “Vivadent” dental course, Germany, 2003.
    • I was granted with “Kulzer” diploma of lecturer in 2002.
    • “Kulzer” practical dental course, Germany, 1995, 1996, 1998.
    • Post-graduate training course in Oslo University, 1992.

    I am a member of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania. I have been granted with Licence No. OPL-01857.

    Excellent work done by physician Grazina Sleniene and her nurse. Precise, professional and pleasant service. I am grateful for that.

    Tamara Kuntelija - Plieske, 2016-03-23

    I have been treated in your clinic for many years. My daughters also had their teeth treated here. Amazing service, I am always welcomed by cheerful staff. It is always a pleasure to have a visit to Grazina Sleniene. She always carries out her job with high professionals, smiling, being in good mood, giving advices. I would be very pleased if all physicians are such professionals. Thank you so much that you are and wish physician Grazina Sleniene all the best in her professional activities and personal life.

    Danute Knieziene