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Giedre Uogintaite

  • Giedre Uogintaite

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    I graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in 2005 and was granted with master degree in odontology as well as professional qualification of physician odontologist. I had my internship at the Primary Health Care Centre of Marijampole.I have been working as physician odontologist since 2005.

    I would like to emphasize the following by features – responsibility, a sense of duty, diligence, activity and receptivity to novel ideas. I actively participate in training courses. My professional trainings:
    • “Occlusion – alpha and omega in organic modern prosthetic treatment”, lecturer Rolandas Andrijauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016.
    • Conference organised by “Denticija” “Advanced odontology today”, 2016, Vilnius.
    • “Aspects of aesthetic direct dental restorations”, lecturer physician odontologist Serhiy Radlinsky, 2015.
    • “Prevention and rehabilitation treatment of oral diseases”, 2015.
    • “20 years in independent dentistry”, 2014.
    • “International scientific–practical conference”, 2014.
    • “Modern classics in odontology”, 2014.
    • “Odontology for human health”, 2013.
    • „ENDOBALTIC 2012“.
    • “Treat do not leave (where the comma should be put? – it is a question to lecturers)”, 2012.
    • “Innovations and topicalities in the odontologist’s practice”, 2012.
    • „Laser Symposium“, Budapest, Hungary, 2011.
    • “Prevention, early diagnostics, minimal invasion”, 2011.
    • “Direct aesthetic tooth restoration in aesthetic zone with practical session for participants”, centre for aesthetic odontology “Vivadens”, physician odontologist I. Ivance, 2011.
    • “Restoration of fore teeth with nano-composites”, 2010.
    • “Topicalities in odontology”, 2009.
    • “The impact of depth of implant screwing on the selection of prosthetic constructions”, 2009.
    • “Theoretical and practical aspects of advanced dental prosthetic treatment”, 2009.
    • “Validity and applicability of the newest technologies in the modern endodontology”, 2008.
    • “International congress of odontology”, 2008.
    • “Infection control in dentistry”, 2008.
    • “Achievements in the science of odontology – for practice”. 2008.
    • “The aspects of practical implementation of safety requirements for the management of medical waste in the establishment providing dentistry services”, 2008.
    • “Science, art and practice of the direct aesthetic dental restoration”, 2008.
    • “Function. Practical application of a face-bow and an articulator”, 2008.
    • “Rational application of modern technologies in the activities of physician endodontist”, 2007.
    • “Function. Practical application of a face-bow and an articulator”, 2007.
    • “Prosthetic surgery on the base of implants”, 2007.
    • Practical course of endodontology program, Ballaigues, Switzerland, 2007.
    • “Topicalities in periodontology”, 2007.
    • “Topicalities and new in odontology”, 2007.
    • “Endodontology 2006”.
    • “New in periodontology practice”, 2005.

    I am a member of the Odontologists’ Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania. I have been granted with Licence No. OPL-02002.

    Super-doctor Giedre Uogintaite! She is a very warm, pleasant person and, the most important, professional in her work. I am very happy with the final result – nicely done cap with complete anatomy.

    Jurgita, 2016-10-21