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Audrius Ralys

  • Audrius Ralys

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    In 2007, I graduated from Kaunas Medical University and obtained dentist qualification. Later, in 2009, in Kaunas Medical University I obtained medical auditor qualification and medical audit group leader qualification. I have been working at the company “Denticija” in Vilnius from 2012.

    In my work, I mostly focus on orthopaedic procedures of different complexity:
    • Aesthetic prosthetics with ceramic veneers or crowns.
    • Prosthetics of anodontous jaws with removable and fixed, hybrid structure prosthesis, using different implant systems.
    • Reconstruction of partial anodontia with full-cast crowns, bridges with ceramic finish, glass-ceramic crowns or zirconium oxide-based crowns.
    • Reconstruction of defects during prosthetic appliance for implants, using standard or customized systems.
    • For reconstruction of partial anodontia with partial plates, arc supporting prosthesis or bows, with different lock systems.
    • Use of face bow in case of full or partial anodontia.

    I have upgraded my qualifications at:
    • ITI World Symposium Basel, 2017.
    • Training courses “Hands – on courses Digital Smile Design”, 2016.
    • International conference of the Lithuanian Dentists Orthopaedists Association (LOOD) “Restorative Dentistry: What Can We Do Better?”, 2016.
    • Theoretical and practical training courses before “Denticija” conference “Advanced Dentistry Today”, 2016.
    • “Denticija” conference “Advanced Dentistry Today”, 2016.
    • Training courses “Integrated Solutions in Dentistry”, 2016.
    • Quintessence Vilnius, 2016.
    • Training courses “Dental Implantation Basics”, 2016.
    • International Dental Congress “Harmony of Oral Health and Quality of Life”, 2016.
    • Practical application of photographic subtleties in dentistry (2-day courses), 2016.
    • Training courses “Prosthetics of Anodontous Jaws. What Happens after 10 Years”. 2016.
    • Two-day intensive practical dental photography training courses with Ayala Paz Carlos Alberto “From Macro to Micro”, 2015.
    • “Denticija” conference “Advanced Dentistry Today”, 2015.
    • International conference of the Lithuanian Dentists Orthopaedists Association (LOOD) “Complications Prevention in Orthopaedic Dentistry”, 2015.
    • Training courses “Full Intraoral Aesthetic Prosthetics. Comprehensive Orthopaedic Approach: Classic and Innovation”, 2014.
    • Training courses “Dental and Implant Prosthetics in Aesthetic Zone”, 2014.
    • Training courses “Prosthetics of Anodontous Jaws. All-on-4 protocol”, according to Dr Paulo Malo, 2014.
    • “ITI World Symposium”, Switzerland, 2014.
    • Training courses “Peculiarities of Prosthetics of Dental Crown Part Defects”, 2014.
    • Conference “Orthopaedic Dentistry: Modern Technologies and Classics”, 2014.
    • Training courses “Aesthetic Prosthetics”, 2014.
    • Training courses “Dental Photography in Clinical Practice: Dental, Portrait Photography ABC with Practical Training for Courses Participants”, 2013.
    • International Congress “Dentistry Today and Tomorrow”, 2012.
    • Training courses “Biological Principles of the Use of Dental Aligners, Essential Moments of Production and Application of Aligner, Myorelaxing Aligner in Central Jaws Relation”, 2011.
    • Training courses “Modern Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders”, 2011.
    • Seminar “Prosthetics on Implants: Anodontous Jaws, Aesthetic Zone”, 2010.
    • International Congress of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber, 2010.
    • Practical Conference “Endodontics”, 2009.
    • Seminar “Crown Reconstruction, Using Glass-Fibre Pins”, 2009.
    • Seminar “Dentistry in Practice”, 2009.
    • Seminar “Reasonability and Applicability of Recent Technologies in Modern Endodontics”, 2008.

    I am a member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber; my license number is OPL-02715.

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