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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Genetically a human has 32 teeth, but often for a variety of changes, the last erupting, so-called wisdom teeth, cause many inconveniences.

Wisdom teeth (impacted teeth) often start to emerge sideways supported by other teeth and begin to push the ones nearby due to lack of space. Very often having inability to reach with toothbrush so far grown teeth, plaque accumulates around them, caries starts to form, and harmful bacteria, that can lead to gingivitis start gathering. The only option is removing wisdom teeth.

After taking the X-ray (radiological) tests the dentists of Dentistry clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius, will determine if the extraction of wisdom (impacted tooth) tooth is necessary. Usually, the removal of wisdom tooth is performed with anesthesia. With the help of surgical instruments, the soft tissues are opened quickly and the tooth is removed painlessly.
It is necessary to know that after this operation there is an individual healing period waiting for each patient, and it is essential to follow the dentist’s recommendations.
Although many are afraid of having the wisdom teeth removed, the dentist and the surgeon will tell you whether it is really worth determination. Extracting the problematic wisdom tooth will prevent from periodontal diseases, which could lead to accumulation of plaque, as well as the painful tooth decay or the crowded adjacent teeth because of the incorrectly growing wisdom tooth.