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Dental surgery

Dental surgery is necessary when periodontal diseases are in significant progress and conservative treatment is not enough.

Maxillofacial surgeons consult and cure the jawbone and periosteum inflammation, soft tissue inflammation (separate abscesses, lymphadenitis etc.), salivary gland inflammation, mouth organ cysts, granulomas, maxillofacial trauma, temporomandibular joint pathologies.

The jaw bone and periosteum inflammation may occur as a complication of pathology of the apical or marginal tissue around the tooth, after tooth extraction, root abscess or dental cyst. Microorganisms start the inflammation, which comes out is a headache, temperature, and pain in the tooth area causing the disease. Facial deformity and soft tissue swelling may also appear.

If these symptoms occur, the consultation and treatment of a dental surgeon is necessary.

After examining the patient, the specialists of dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius, will be able to appoint only medical treatment or medical treatment with surgical procedures.

More than a half of inflammatory diseases include the soft tissue inflammation of face, jaw, and neck areas. It is utmost important that they are developing very rapidly and can lead to a significant risk to human life.
Often the soft tissue inflammation is purulent. Decomposed tissues accumulate in the center of the abscess.
Dental abscesses are caused by inflammation, trauma, and sometimes occur as a complication after dental treatment or tooth extraction. Human immune system, virulence, diabetes, smoking, and alcohol consumption affect the development of abscess.

Inflammation occurs as redness, swelling, pain, fever, and tooth function disorder. There may start intoxication that includes weakness, pale skin, and shortness of breath, strong headaches, and heaviness.
Jaw cysts can form because of the tooth root infection. Sometimes it can be brought by dentures or epithelial remains. Most frequently occurs the root cyst, which may be caused by a dead pulp (in other words – tooth nerve), untreated or poorly treated tooth roots. Usually there is no pain during the cyst formation. When it grows up, you can touch and feel the bone a bit lifted, or see a small hole through which separates purulent exudation. Cysts are cured only by surgery (i.e. removing them during operation). The reason is also need to be eliminated: it is necessary to cure root canals, and to remove heavily decomposed roots.

Surgery is a very wide area curing many diseases. Sometimes surgeons have to perform such plastic and reconstructive procedures, as frenectomy, bone, and soft tissue reconstruction.

Frenectomy is often performed for children. Frenulum affects the language, jaw formation, and teeth position. At the older age, if the surgery was not carried out in time, bone melting and gum loss may occur, as well as the teeth necks can uncover.