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Dental prosthesis

Rare are the cases when a man succeeds to save all of his own teeth. It is sometimes impossible to restore a tooth with the filling materials, due to various injuries, severe damage, wear and for other reasons. The specialists of dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius offer you to choose prosthodontics.

The used dental restorations are strong, durable and comfortable, so if a loss of tooth tissue is significant, a tooth is broken, or several teeth are missing, it is possible to successfully correct the defects by dental prostheses.

Dental prostheses will allow the patients to avoid poor aesthetic appearance, speech defects, will return the natural chewing function, and moreover, will prevent the development of maxillary pathologies because of lack of teeth.

Dentistry clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius can produce a wide variety of types of dental prostheses. Metal-free ceramics, metal ceramics, bridges, dentures, and dentures on implants, complex arch supported prosthesis will be made in the clinic.

Metal-free ceramic dental prostheses are mainly used for the restoration of front teeth. They are made of porcelain, is permeable to light, therefore, seem particularly natural. Metal-ceramic dental prostheses are made by covering the metal frame with porcelain layer, matching the color of a natural tooth.

Tooth loss can be restored by dental bridges (the teeth next to the missing ones are covered with crowns with the addition of the missing part). In each case, after a professional consultation, the dentist will evaluate the situation and together with the patient will decide which method of dental prosthesis is most appropriate to choose.

It is not worth to be afraid that the dental prostheses will look ugly, inconvenient, and you will constantly feel discomfort. Modern technologies, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques ensure that the teeth prostheses are adapted for each patient individually according to need.

Dental prosthodontics will return you the quality of life and joy!