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Professional oral hygiene

Brushing teeth is taught from childhood, but it is impossible to perfectly clean them at home. Toothbrush does not reach all the teeth grooves, the sides of the teeth, and while flossing, there still remain food debris, and plaque.

Dental plaque is spread by bacteria, which can cause severe oral diseases, also known as periodontal diseases. Getting the minerals along with saliva, dental plaque calcifies and turns into the tartar, which cannot be removed independently at home. The accumulation of tartar may lead to gum inflammation, which can develop into periodontitis, and if untreated it is possible to loose the teeth.

In order to avoid these problems, every patient should visit a professional dental hygienist at least once a year.
Dental hygienist of dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius, during the procedure of oral hygiene, will professionally clean hard and soft plaque, remove tartar, polish teeth, and if necessary, will arrange the applications of the mineral and therapeutic materials.

During the procedures of professional oral hygiene, the specialist will determine how well you brush your teeth and what is the condition of the tissues surrounding them, if they are inflammatory, and also will help to choose the appropriate products for oral hygiene procedures at home.
It is worth to remember that often professional oral hygiene procedures are needed before many others: before periodontal operations, tooth whitening, prosthodontics, orthodontic treatment.

Professional oral hygiene procedures, performed once or several times a year (depending on the patient’s oral condition), will help to avoid further problems when a tooth aches, if there is an infection, or if the teeth get loose.