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Periodontal treatment

Periodontitis is the tissues surrounding a tooth. As a tooth itself does not grow in a bone, it is supported by the periodontal ligament. But often poor oral hygiene, regular accumulation of food particles between teeth, untreated caries, and other factors can lead to severe periodontal diseases.

Periodontal diseases usually begin with inflammation of the gums – gingvitis. Having this disease, the gums are red and swollen, and bleed while brushing the teeth. Usually, without knowing the reasons of gum bleeding, patients start to brush their teeth less often, therefore creating even better conditions to continue the inflammation. If plaque is not removed, it begins to calcify, dental calculus appears, which cannot be removed without a help of a dentist.

If left untreated, the infection eventually violates the gum, as well as the bone surrounding the tooth and other tissues; this is the beginning of periodontitis. The gums start to fester, the teeth get loose, and the ligaments supporting a tooth disintegrate, a part of jaw bone start melting, so the teeth fall out. This is the most serious complication caused by periodontitis.

In order not to lose many teeth and prevent the spread of the inflammation, the patient must ask for the help at the dental clinic.

Dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius provides with the conservative and surgical treatment of periodontal diseases.

Such ordinary professional oral hygiene procedures as root plaque cleaning, polishing the root with mechanical instruments, ultrasound, or laser, can stop the inflammation in the earliest phase of treatment. Patient’s teeth and the surrounding tissues are protected from further bacterial growth, which decreases dental bleeding, sensitivity, so the disease stops progressing.

The treatment of periodontitis is sometimes much more difficult. In most cases when conservative methods of periodontal treatment are not effective, surgical intervention is needed. At a very difficult stage of periodontitis, the flap surgery is performed, when severely damaged by inflammation and decomposed tissues are removed. During this procedure, some gum section is pulled back from the teeth, the inflammation and decomposed tissues are removed, and sometimes it is necessary to surgically form gums and bone.
All these measures applied in time will help the patients to stop the irreversible processes and development of severe disease, and ensure of saving your own teeth.