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Orthodontic treatment

Crooked and irregular appearance of teeth, bite problems are more common than many people think. However, due to advanced technologies, a number of anomalies observed can be corrected by choosing orthodontic treatment at an early age.

There are many reasons why the teeth are crooked or that you have occlusion problems. Often these disorders are heritable – if one of your parents has or had bite problems, or crooked teeth, there is a great chance that the child will also have such problems.

Orthodontic problems can arise for a variety of diseases: for example, having respiratory diseases the child is often breathing through the mouth, so the jaw is growing incorrectly, and, as a consequence, an irregular occlusion starts forming.

Sometimes orthodontic problems are caused by various addictions, such as sucking a finger, or biting a pencil. It can also happen if the primary teeth are removed too early because of the decay.

There are many different types of orthodontic problems. Some of them can be easily observed by the patient, but some can be determined only with the help of special technique or an experienced orthodontist. This is the reason why a preventive check-up at the orthodontist is recommended.
It is important to check the children’s teeth at the age of 8-13, because during this period, the face forms very rapidly, and it is much easier to treat the bite problems.

Orthodontic treatment in dental clinic Denticija in Vilnius can fix any type of tooth crookedness, facial asymmetry, the anomalies of teeth quantity, also can adjust almost every bite problems. It is also important that there are no age restrictions for orthodontic treatment – the biggest attention is paid to overall condition of the teeth. In other words, if the teeth are unhealthy, and the oral hygiene is poor, orthodontic treatment is not possible.

There is a wide range of methods of orthodontic treatment that can solve different problems. Orthodontist may apply special plates that are removable and easily cleaned. The plate must be worn throughout the treatment period.

Braces – is yet the most popular orthodontic treatment.

Braces are suitable for both teenagers and adults. They are glued to the teeth and remain in the mouth the entire period of treatment, and if there is no significant pathology of occlusion, it will take about one year. The dentists of dental clinic Denticija in Vilnius use a modern “Damon”, “Incognito” invisible braces system.

If a need of orthodontic treatment is detected and applied in time, after the treatment you will be able to enjoy a wonderfully pretty smile for the rest of your life.