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Dental Implants

The man that looses one or more teeth feels a great discomfort, he looses his confidence. Then he stops smiling, starts avoiding his friends, and many complexes appear.

All these phenomena can be prevented by dental implants in the dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius.

A dentist can restore one or more missing teeth during the procedure of dental implantation. During the implantation surgery, a specially designed screw of tooth root form is put into the jaw bone, and becomes a new kind of a future tooth root. When the implant grows into a bone, it is possible to do the prosthesis. According to the patient’s tooth shape and color, using special materials the dentist produces a new tooth crown.

In cases when one or more teeth are missing for extended period of time, the bone in that place starts to melt. Therefore, sometimes it is impossible to perform dental implantation at once as bone augmentation, or in other words, bone regeneration is necessary. After this procedure, dental implant can be placed into the newly formed bone.

Dental implantation is considered to be one of the most advanced methods of tooth replacement. Choosing this method, when one tooth is missing, the implantation is performed in the area of the defect, without touching the surrounding teeth. This is a particularly good method of tooth replacement, when the teeth at the back of jaw are missing, after dental implantation normal functions of chewing and occlusion are restored without loading abutment teeth. Moreover, usually there is no need to constantly remove dental prostheses.

According to the dentists, dental implants are one of the most advanced methods of tooth replacement. International research has shown that even after 10 years, the implanted teeth function successfully and well-maintained dental implants will function normally up to 30 years.
Dental implants save the patient’s present teeth, restore the missing ones, and suspend the jawbone destruction, returns to normal chewing and occlusal function, self-confidence and a beautiful smile.