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Children’s Dentistry

The most common mistake that parents make – is caring for children’s teeth only when these are damaged. In the early childhood, caries onset (tooth decay) that evaluates from sweet and a lot of carbohydrates containing food and accumulated plaque, can lead to much more serious and painful diseases, therefore dental specialists argue that children need to take care of the teeth when they erupt.

A little child must get used to look after the teeth from the early age, but as long as he fails to do so, the parents or dental specialists should do it. The specialists of dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius are ready to not only take care of your children’s teeth, but also teach them not to be afraid of dental procedures and dental self-care.

As soon as the first teeth come out, they should be wiped with a damp cloth or gauze after meal and before bedtime, and when the children get older, the molars erupt, it is necessary to teach our little ones to brush the teeth. Until children learn to write, their hand movements are uncoordinated, so their parents should finish cleaning the teeth.

There is a myth that it is not worth to cure primary teeth, as they still fall out. However, this is a misconception, because if left untreated, child’s teeth can result in persistent pain or infection, which therefore is a start of much more serious oral diseases – dental pulpit or periodontitis. It may disturb child’s sleep, nutrition, and can result in behavioral changes.

Also, the so-called “baby” teeth save a place for permanent teeth, and if they fall out too soon, the permanent teeth can grow crooked, that will cause bite problems. So in order the children can feel free to smile having their first teeth, dental check-ups must be performed every few months.

Parents should also keep in mind a visit at the dentist when the first permanent molars emerge. It is important to clean them since then, when these come out, and when fully erupted, see the dentist, who will cover the teeth with a special material – sealant. Dental sealants do not let the food and plaque to stay longer in the tooth grooves, and help to prevent from rapid decay of permanent teeth.

It is alleged that the baby’s first visit at the dental clinic should be for sightseeing purposes. Dentists would introduce him to the staff, the treatment, and would psychologically prepare for the visits and treatment in the future.