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Teeth Whitening

Dentistry clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius provides the patients with one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures – teeth whitening. It is needed when the patient is not happy to see his own smile in a mirror. After profess...

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Dental prosthesis

Rare are the cases when a man succeeds to save all of his own teeth. It is sometimes impossible to restore a tooth with the filling materials, due to various injuries, severe damage, wear and for other reasons. The specialists of ...

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Children’s Dentistry

The most common mistake that parents make – is caring for children’s teeth only when these are damaged. In the early childhood, caries onset (tooth decay) that evaluates from sweet and a lot of carbohydrates containing food and ac...

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Periodontal treatment

Periodontitis is the tissues surrounding a tooth. As a tooth itself does not grow in a bone, it is supported by the periodontal ligament. But often poor oral hygiene, regular accumulation of food particles between teeth, untreated...

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Orthodontic treatment

Crooked and irregular appearance of teeth, bite problems are more common than many people think. However, due to advanced technologies, a number of anomalies observed can be corrected by choosing orthodontic treatment at an early ...

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X-rays (Radiological research)

In many dental procedures, the condition of the teeth cannot be assessed without radiographic tests. Radiographs show the condition of the tissues around the tooth, root canal length, and what is the degree of carious violation an...

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Dental Implants

The man that looses one or more teeth feels a great discomfort, he looses his confidence. Then he stops smiling, starts avoiding his friends, and many complexes appear. All these phenomena can be prevented by dental implants in...

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Genetically a human has 32 teeth, but often for a variety of changes, the last erupting, so-called wisdom teeth, cause many inconveniences. Wisdom teeth (impacted teeth) often start to emerge sideways supported by other teeth a...

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Professional oral hygiene

Brushing teeth is taught from childhood, but it is impossible to perfectly clean them at home. Toothbrush does not reach all the teeth grooves, the sides of the teeth, and while flossing, there still remain food debris, and plaque...

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Dental surgery

Dental surgery is necessary when periodontal diseases are in significant progress and conservative treatment is not enough. Maxillofacial surgeons consult and cure the jawbone and periosteum inflammation, soft tissue inflammati...

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Aesthetic filling

Dantų estetinis plombavimas – tai vienas iš gydymo būdų, kad Jūsų šypsena būtų nuostabi! Kartais džiaugtis dailia šypsena trukdo ne tik dantų spalva, bet ir įvairūs dantų pažeidimai, traumų metu nuskelti dantys, ėduonies židini...

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Root canal treatment

Endodontinis gydymas padeda išsaugoti natūralius dantis. Tokio gydymo prireikia tada, kai danties pulpa (danties šaknies kanalo viduje esantis minkštasis audinys) yra uždegiminis arba infekuotas. Tam gali būti daugybė priežasčių, ...

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