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Dental clinic in Vilnius “Denticija”– is one of the most modern dental clinics in the capital, located in V.G.rybo str. 32/10. The clinic began to work in 1993. During the long years of practice and working, a great and professional dental team of dental therapists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, surgeons, periodontologists, and oral hygienists has gathered here.


Our clinic list of services
Dentistry clinic “Denticija" in Vilnius provides the patients with one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures - teeth whitening.
Dental prostheses will allow the patients to avoid poor aesthetic appearance, speech defects, will return the natural chewing function, and moreover, will prevent the development of maxillary pathologies because of lack of teeth.
Parents should also keep in mind a visit at the dentist when the first permanent molars emerge. It is important to clean them since then, when these come out, and when fully erupted, see the dentist, who will cover the teeth with a special material - sealant.
Periodontitis is the tissues surrounding a tooth. As a tooth itself does not grow in a bone, it is supported by the periodontal ligament...
Orthodontic treatment in dental clinic Denticija in Vilnius can fix any type of tooth crookedness, facial asymmetry, the anomalies of teeth quantity, also can adjust almost every bite problems.
The specialists of dental clinic Denticija in Vilnius provide with the most modern x-ray exposures (radiology tests) allowing to evaluate the patient's dental status in particular detail.
Dental implants save the patient's present teeth, restore the missing ones, and suspend the jawbone destruction, returns to normal chewing and occlusal function, self-confidence and a beautiful smile.
After taking the X-ray (radiological) tests the dentists of Dentistry clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius, will determine if the extraction of wisdom (impacted tooth) tooth is necessary.
Dental hygienist of dental clinic “Denticija” in Vilnius, during the procedure of oral hygiene, will professionally clean hard and soft plaque, remove tartar, polish teeth ...

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Toothache forces You to look for a professional help. While parodontitis starts without pain, so many patients do not look for help at an early stage of the disease. This disease affects the tissues surrounding a tooth bone, gums and ligaments. Usually, parodontitis occurs because of mouth infections - bacteria that multiply and accumulate in dental plaque, as well as because of traumatic, irregular bite, and after the loss of some tooth lines.
It seems that there is enough information about prosthodontics, but our clinic's specialist Lidija Jarašienė will help you to clearly understand the benefits and exclusivity of these dental services. Every human body is very individual, so it is important to remember that health begins in your mouth...
Endodontics is a dental root canal therapy. Mostly, this treatment is applicable in case of acute pain due to tooth pulp (nerve), inflammation of tissues surrounding the root, if the previous endodontic treatment was carried out unsuccessfully, or in the event of tooth cracks or damage. If the pulp becomes infected, there is a high risk that the infection can spread throughout the root canal system and can lead to painful abscesses.